Saturday, July 17, 2010


I'm going to need some good squash recipes.
Everything is growing like crazy, but there were signs of a gopher this morning, so I'm on the warpath.

Look at my corn! Just look at it!


Mary said...

If you need help, Jacob will happily transform your zucchini--poof!--into zucchini bread!

Hannah said...

Yummy!! I can't get enough zucchini. Most people say they get overwhelmed with it but either my plants don't grow as many or I just really like my zucchini. I think I just really like it. Lately I've been sauteeing it with some sliced onion, tomatoes and garlic in olive oil. mmmm good!! I'm sure you'll have no problems at all finding uses for your beauties!

Jenna said...

Dad! That's amazing! I never tire of zucchini either, though I'm careful how much I plant. There's so much you can do with it, and if you have leftovers, grate it and freeze it for muffins and breads during the winter.

I'm SO glad I don't have to deal with gophers!

Johnny said...

Good Job, Old man!!!!