Saturday, July 17, 2010


I'm going to need some good squash recipes.
Everything is growing like crazy, but there were signs of a gopher this morning, so I'm on the warpath.

Look at my corn! Just look at it!

Monday, July 12, 2010


To satisfy the aching curiosity of my growing fanbase, we are posting more photos of the Angelo Ercoli Memorial Garden, taken only this morning by The Lovely One. As you can see, there is a Hallelujah Chorus of the Very Corn of Love, reaching skyward for more of the monsoon rains that began last week. I have mulched the corn with golden straw in an attempt to minimize weed growth, retain moisture and promote beneficial microbial activity.
And then, there are the Squishes of Love, Crookneck & Zucchini, flowering and setting veggie fruit as if they had a contract with Safeway. The secret is in the songs I sing to them. "When you wish upon a squish..."

Moreover, in another raised bed, we have the Pumpkins and Potatoes of Love, lush and luxurious.

And then thar be beans, me boys, Bush Beans of Love.

Two rows of can-alopes. Yes, we can; yes, we can.

Tomatoes grown from seed from the best tomatoes we ate last year, doing mighty fine and so rambunctious, we have to keep them in cages.

Another shot of the corn we got. I hope they don't get arrested for stalking.

A close-up of a Crookneck.

A close look at a Zucchini performing its miracle.

There will be pumpkin pie at the Monasterio de Santo Holiday.
Another of the global elite.

Onion flowers. I will collect the seed.

Squash flower.

A closer look at a Can-alope plant on a mulch of pine needles.

Now you know the power of the Bright Side.