Wednesday, February 11, 2009


My beautiful daughter, Hannah Beth, was born on this day in 1981. I've been reading my journal account of the days preceding and following her birth. Someday, perhaps she will also read that record and learn of the great joy she brought into our home. She was born a week earlier than we expected, when our doctor decided to induce her birth. There is nothing in my journal to suggest that we complained about that. She evened out our brood, number six in a family of three boys and three girls. So perfectly pleasant! She fussed only when she was not being attended to and loved constantly. For the first few days, she would not eat much, which caused her angel mother great anxiety. However, Hannah, a very intelligent young lady, learned the art of the milky meal soon enough. Death was averted; her mother's fears were swept away; peace returned to the homestead; and happiness settled upon us like grandmother's quilt on a chilly evening. Hannah has grown to be a woman of faith. Her name means "grace," and that is a fitting description of her. She never has a cross word to say about anyone. She is kind to the very marrow of her being. I love her to the depth of my ancient soul. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.


Hannah said...

Aww Dad! That was so great! Thanks for the kind words and I loved seeing the pictures!!

Jenna Consolo said...

The memories! I love that sweet girl! Happy Birthday!