Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Saint Holiday, positioned at the top of the spiritual services industry, announced a steep billing rate cut today in a move sure to send a profound signal to the market. Effective immediately, the firm has slashed its hourly billing rate from $575.00 to $29.95 . The landmark announcement was lauded as a good strategy for these bad economic times. According to the founder of Show Low's spiritual services boutique, the decision was not made in response to client demand, inasmuch as he has no clients, but rather as a public acknowledgement that times are financially difficult for everyone. Having no clients, Saint Holiday has been able to keep its receivables at zero without the application of any accounting tricks, a situation to be envied for sure. Though costs of doing business have risen dramatically over the past year, the firm will tighten its belt and make whatever changes are necessary to help itself and its future clients weather the present economic crisis. Saint Holiday also announced that there will be no lay-offs in the coming year. This brought a sigh of relief from the one employee of the firm, St. Holiday himself.

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Anonymous said...

Just recieved your bill, and I think it is outrageous, especially for the service I get, now I know why the economy is in such bad shape. I was thought it was the petrolum companies causong the problem, but it all started right there on 8th avenue.
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