Monday, September 1, 2008


Because of concerns expressed with great emotion regarding my mental health, and misunderstandings which have arisen over my poor attempts at humor, I have decided to end my writing in this medium. I will continue to post my daily comic strip, George & Georgie, but otherwise, I am retreating into the safety of silence. Until recently, I did not realize that so many harbor severe antipathy towards me. I sincerely apologize for my intrusion. I meant no harm. It occurs to me that I will always fall short of expectations and that I am utterly incapable of truly sharing my unique consciousness with others. Farewell.


Mary said...

Holiday, I may be the lone voice in the crowd, but I have gotten quite a kick out of your postings, to the extent that I look forward to reading them for a chuckle. If you truly mean to stop, I shall miss them. Yes, your sense of humor is rather skewed, almost Monty Pythonesque, but I relate well to it!

Don't let The Man hold you down! Power to the pen!

Love ya~!
Cousin Mary

Jenna Consolo said...

Dad, don't go anywhere. We would miss you. But you love to have us say that, don't you? I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I just like your educational/inspirational posts more than your humorous ones. But go ahead and be YOU.

Johnny said...

Whats going on can't stop now!!!! I come to your site every morning with my coffee, and some how it make the day look a little better. Keep writing!!!!!

Johnny said...

Sooooooooo whats the deal, coffee or no coffee?

Josiah said...

Dad - Change your mind. I love reading your stuff, I just never know what to say to your posts. They defeat me every time.

Ethan VS said...

You can't be silenced by the confused grunts of the unimaginative, dad, even if some of them are your own children. Write, write, and write. You will only go mad when you stop.