Friday, August 29, 2008


Authorities called off the search for St. Holiday earlier this morning, when he was discovered in the Chicken Catchatorium in his own backyard, huddled next to his hens, shivering and pale. Witnesses report that he looked barned beyond recognition. When he was found, he was conscious, and none of his vital signs seemed impaired. According to one officer, there was a distinct odor of chocolate on his breath. Later, his spokesman released a statement from the father of at least nine, which reads in part: "Of my own free will, I have voluntarily agreed to enter a facility for the treatment of chocolate addiction. Otherwise, the Lovely One won't let me back in my house. I ask for respect and privacy for myself and my children, as we deal with this situation as a family." His wife said, "I'm glad he's alive, but he owes me a couple bags of Hershey's." The name of the rehabilitation facility is a closely-guarded secret, a move designed to thwart the paparazzi. It appears that St. Holiday has hit rock bottom. This stunning development came as a shock to his closest associate, who said, "I saw him just yesterday. He seemed so totally normal. Sure, he staggered some, slurred his speech and collapsed from weakness off and on, but that's just the way he is."

St. Holiday's mother, Gloria Van Sciver, was contacted at her South Jersey residence for a comment. She was busy with her sister, Margie, dipping the last few hundred pounds of chocolates for this season's customers, as she has done for many years. "I don't understand how this could have happened," she said. I warned him about those dark chocolates. If he'd stick with the milk chocolates, he'd be OK. I tell him, no more than a pound a day, like when he was young. He's tall; he can handle it. But will he listen to his mother? No! He never would, not that boy. He's got a mind of his own. Well, now he'll have to pay the price, speaking of which, he better not ask me to pay for his rehab. He got himself into this fix." As she spoke with our source, she began to put together a two-pound box of her mixed milk chocolates with nuts, saying, "I've got to find a way to get this into the rehab facility to him. It will help with the withdrawal."

St. Holiday's latest trouble suggests that he has demons at war with his angel-may-care affability. We can only look upon his willingness to obtain treatment for his chocolate addiction as a positive and courageous act, which will help him move on with his life at last. We will attempt to keep the public informed of his progress as new details are released by the family.


Lyns said...

Oh, good! We can all rest easy now.

You're cracking yourself up, aren't you? I can just hear you cackling.

Anonymous said...

We regret to inform you, Lyns, that St. Holiday is unavailable to comment at the present time. He is in isolation and under close surveillance due to an attempt by an unidentified older woman to smuggle a large box of chocolate into his room. The woman was confronted by staff, a terrific struggle ensued, and the police had to be summoned. Somehow, the unidentified woman escaped. But the chocolates she brought are very tasty.
Rehab Staff

Jenna Consolo said...

Oh, that was actually me, Jenna, not Lyns. I guess she was signed in.

Lori said...

If this is a ploy to have some of granny's homemade chocolates shipped big brother, you'll have to go through withdrawal like the rest of us. Chocolate season begins in November. Try Dove Dark to hold you over. Love ya! Little Sis

Abby said...

At least nine, huh? ...are there more?