Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our Northern Orioles

I am pleased to report another wildly successful breeding season for our beautiful Northern Orioles. They returned this year to our sanctuary in the White Mountains of Arizona right on schedule in time for the full moon on April 20th. As always, the males arrived first, followed a few days later by the females. Knowing when to expect them, we always hang our nectar feeders for them to find when they arrive. It's a long flight from Southern Mexico and Central America, where they spend the fall and winter. It is heartening to note that there are more of them in our backyard every year. They know we love them and will provide a consistent, dependable supply of nectar. They are now coming to our feeders at the rate of about five per minute. The first newborns were seen last week, learning to drink from our feeders. Two weeks from now, the older males will depart for their homes southward. The females, younger males and juveniles, needing to garner extra strength will remain near our feeders until mid-August. Our Northern Orioles are the Bullock's variety. They are a delight to watch, and their songs enrapture me. I'm posting some pictures here
(Photography by the Lovely One).


Jenna Consolo said...

Love it! The Orioles are one of the most thrilling birdies for me to see in your backyard. They are so brilliantly colored that it always seems a treat.

Hannah said...

Those are some beautiful birds Dad.